DataWatchers is a project that creates space for Millennial to work on the future where the digital is fair and sustainable. Now is the time to think about our values in a technology driven society. Millennials (born between 1980 and 2000) is the generation that remembers, but already has troubling imagining living in a world without ubiquitous digital devices. that holds the key of framing the digital revolution. As such it is the generation that holds the key to the way we frame the future.

We start from the premise that Millennials don’t want, nor can return to a fully analog world. Therefore we have to learn how to positively deal with the advantages of the world wide web, without diving into the pitfalls. For this so far, there are no tools.

Millennials form the generation that was born in an analog world and are the early adopters of a digital one. They experienced at young age the innocent and empowering era of the internet, an age of knowledge distribution and new opportunities arising with the mass diffusion of the web.

Even though the internet, and the digital revolution has brought us immensely powerful tools, there are still many ethical concerns. This makes sense, since the digital revolution is still in its early adopting years. The same as when the car went through years of modulation (creating new traffic rules, installing airbags, seat belts and so on) ideas of how we use and should use online digital devices are only starting to be framed. If we want a digital future that reflects the needs of society and environment, we need to think, discuss and act NOW.

Motivations, hopes, achievements: digging into solutions for major societal challenges, this meetup aims at rebuilding a millennials narrative that focuses not on how the internet has gone wrong, but how we believe it could be improved.