DataWatchers is a project that uncovers the social consequences of ubiquitous digital devices and tries to find a way forward into a future that is fair and sustainable. 


In this project a special part is taken by the generation (born 1980-2000) grown up alongside the digital revolution. We still remember living foremost analogue, we can hardly imagine what it was like. We are the generation that will play a critical role in bringing the best of both worlds together.

Once the car was new. Driving cars was the exciting new thing, chaos however, thrived. There were no sidewalks, no road signs, no seatbelts, no airbags. New opportunities brought along new risks.

The internet and all of its facets can be viewed similarly. It's new, it's exciting, it brings many opportunities as well as chaos. This is the time to create the traffic rules, and safety measures of the internet so we can all reap the benefits. - participant of Millennial workshop

We start from the premise that we don’t want, nor can return to a fully analog world. Therefore we have to learn how to positively deal with the advantages of the digitized world, without diving into the pitfalls.
When everything and everyone is connected to each other a secure, reliable connection is all the more important. You have to be able to trust the product to be a tool, without becoming the product or tool yourself. In DataWatchers with an anthropological view I investigate the benefits and risks of an increasingly digitising society and, in particular, how we make this sustainable.

As a Millennial, I have a strong need to make a contribution to the world. People, digital culture, self-determination and the environment are very important to me. I propagate this in my work. It can hardly be a coincidence that I was born the year the Berlin Wall fell and the internet was released in the world. That year held a promise of peace and global connection. Today what we mean by 'connection' has become part of debate. Because what does it mean to be truely connected?

I help you to take a critical and human-centred approach to digital innovation.  My interests lie with connected people, stress prevention and climate change. I carry out independent research through the meetups and other workshops. Offline I am a Critical Alignment Yoga teacher, a practice that helps me everyday to get new insights into our relation to each other and the digital.
Jennifer Veldman
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